A Volcano Stranded me in Shanghai: How to survive the unexpected

When the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland exploded, Europe was left coughing in a plume of smoke that grounded every flight for days. I was in India on that day. Coincidentally on the way to the airport to finally haul this exhausted carcass back to America. By way

The girl’s guide to dressing well out of one bag

I’m a chronic under-packer. But that doesn’t mean that I wind up wearing the same 3 musty, mismatched outfits when I’m on the road. Instead, it’s actually possible to be fashionable while maintaining your minimalist travel cred. I haven’t checked a bag since 1999. Here are some

How to share information like Jason Bourne

While traveling the world, you are going to encounter a lot of people with a wide range of computers. From huge towers stashed away in back rooms to microscopic laptops on the streets of Tokyo, you will have a lot of friends that you want to share

How to skip airport lines like a rockstar

The reason you are supposed to arrive at an airport 2 hours ahead of time is because of the overwhelming lines. Ticketing, security, immigration, food, it’s completely ridiculous. I’m going to teach you how to skip every single one of those lines so you can screech up

A professional photographer’s trick for always getting the best photos

When you are out having an adventure and you want to get a photo of you and your friends to remember the moment forever, how do you do it? Do you ask a stranger walking by to take your photo? Someone who doesn’t know how to use

Flight Search Engines: How to find the cheapest flight

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel is that it’s expensive, simply because people don’t know where to look. I’ve talked to people who were bragging about finding $2000 flights to Tokyo, when the most I’ve paid was still under $500. With all the different search engines

Travel Headphones: The CEO Guide to finding the perfect pair

Finding good travel headphones is hard. There are literally thousands of different kinds of headphones out there, and most are ridiculously expensive. How do you know that you aren’t investing in headphones that sound like two tin cans bouncing down the stairs until the cord breaks a

Playing with tigers and elephants: Thailand Adventure Guide

Of course Thailand is near the top of most people’s travel lists. It’s covered in exotic beaches brimming with some of the most deliciously healthy food in the world. So many movies have been filmed on its gorgeous islands that you can pick whether you want to

The ultimate guide to finding a travel bag

Saying that there are a variety of bags to choose from for a travel bag is like saying World War II was a minor disagreement. It’s completely overwhelming how many options there are. When a single bag holds all of your earthly possessions, that bag suddenly becomes

Minimalism is scary! 6 minimalist fears and how to cope with them

When I show people the tiny backpack that contains all of my earthly possessions, the most common response is “I would love to do that, but I never could.” I understand. Change is scary, and minimalism isn’t a small change. It feels like you are giving up