Andorran Sunrise

A professional photographer’s trick for always getting the best photos

Andorran SunriseWhen you are out having an adventure and you want to get a photo of you and your friends to remember the moment forever, how do you do it? Do you ask a stranger walking by to take your photo? Someone who doesn’t know how to use your camera and will probably get everyone out of focus, if they even get you all in?

What if you are hiking up a mountain, and nobody else is around? Do you try to balance your camera precariously on that rock over there? Or do you just give up and hope you will remember everything without photos?

After a trip, when you are telling stories, you will want photos to share. You will want to flip through them and be reminded of all the things you thought you would never forget, but still did. Always take more photos than you think you need, because you will get caught up in the fun and forget at some point, and having that habit will make you happy for years to come as you are reminisce about little adventures you thought you had forgotten.

If you want to keep from flipping through pages of out of focus pictures where you can barely figure out what’s happening, take a tip from pro photographers and bring a tripod.

Joby GorillapodNot those huge metal contraptions that always get in the way and need their own bag. Those things are ridiculous. Bring a tripod that will fit in your pocket and doesn’t even need solid ground. The Joby Gorillapod.

You can use it as a standard tripod. You can bend the legs to match the surface of a big rock and still get a straight picture. You can wrap the legs around a nearby pole or hang it upside down off a tree branch.

You can set it up to take exactly the picture you want to remember, snap it, and get on with your adventure.

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