You love to travel, but you hate lugging around a giant bag that you have to constantly worry about while it keeps you from going on the crazy adventures you want. But if you don’t carry anything with you, how will you be prepared for when something unexpected happens?

That’s where we come in. We do all the hard work and research finding the best things in the world. We only want things that are extremely useful all the time, are durable enough to stand up to crazy adventure, and are small and light enough to not weigh you down. Once you have this taken care of, you are free to stop worrying about baggage and go enjoy your own adventure!

I’m the CEO of CarryEverythingOn, Chris Dame. I’ve been on the road full-time since 2010 while only carrying one tiny backpack that I can always carry onto any airplane. I’ve been to around 40 countries, visiting as many as 23 of them across 5 continents in just one year. Watching people struggle with elephant-sized bags, then constantly ask me for things they need because they weren’t prepared, has set me on a mission to help people travel better.

I’m a huge travel geek and a gadget geek. Not everyone in the world has companies ship them massive packages of every slight product variation they own to test them out in different real-world situations, but that’s the kind of thing I love. Some of the things recommended are cheap or free, and some are expensive, but worth every penny. Everything, however, is the best. I’ve spent huge amounts of time testing things out so you don’t need to worry about it when the time comes.

Feel free to wander around the detailed reviews, focus on a specific kind of product you like, or check out the annual Ultimate Packing List if you want to handle everything all at once and just get on the road. Have fun and travel well!