Write Endlessly In Metal

One of the biggest annoyances about constantly being on the go is never having a pen. You go through most of your life not needing one, then suddenly you need one right now, and it’s a deserted wasteland of penlessness for miles around. Sure, you could carry

Barreling Over Life’s Speed Bumps

A few days ago, someone asked me about making new friends while traveling. Specifically: How do I get people to talk to me without going up to say “Hi, my name is…”? The answer, naturally, was that they were asking the wrong question. Every day, people walk

Never run out of battery again

Finally boarding that 11-hour flight after running around trying to get to the airport in time without forgetting anything is a moment of pure peaceful zen. All the stress and bureaucracy you’ve been fighting through to get to your seat on the airplane, your own personal space

How to get free phone calls, text, and data anywhere in the world

Trying to set up a phone in a new country can be a huge hassle. Taking the time to figure out what the options are in a new country, which ones work with your phone, and how expensive they are can take a lot of work. In

The Zen of Hectic Airports

I have become an efficiency master when it comes to airports. I can figure out exactly how long it will take to get to any airport in the world by way of any mass transit and still have just enough time to joke with the TSA agents

The best bank for travelers

The best way to save tons of money on the road is by automating it. If you never have to think about it or make a decision in the middle of the chaos that adventure brings, you spend much less. One of the best ways to do

The secret weapon for comfortable flights

Of all the secret travel gadgets in my arsenal, this little guy is one of my favorites. It’s tiny, cheap, and constantly useful during international travel. It has a permanent fixture in my travel jacket, and has made more international flights fun that I could even count.

3 simple ways to never run out of power

We live in the future. Electronic gadgets let us slide right through the slow parts of life, and that goes triple for travel. Cameras, computers, phones, trimmers… they can add up quickly, and they each have their own charger taking up space in your bag, making you

A Volcano Stranded me in Shanghai: How to survive the unexpected

When the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland exploded, Europe was left coughing in a plume of smoke that grounded every flight for days. I was in India on that day. Coincidentally on the way to the airport to finally haul this exhausted carcass back to America. By way

The girl’s guide to dressing well out of one bag

I’m a chronic under-packer. But that doesn’t mean that I wind up wearing the same 3 musty, mismatched outfits when I’m on the road. Instead, it’s actually possible to be fashionable while maintaining your minimalist travel cred. I haven’t checked a bag since 1999. Here are some