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The secret to sleeping like a baby anytime, anywhere

You just finished the longest gauntlet of travel in your life. Ridiculous traffic. Running to catch your flight. Overnight buses with people constantly bumping into you. Finally arriving in a new city exhausted in the middle of the night wanting nothing more than a night of rest

Don’t forget to pack this one easily-forgotten tool

When you first start traveling longer-term, there are a lot of things you tend to forget about. The things you use every day, like your toothbrush and clothes, you have no problem remembering. You pack all of this stuff when you go on vacation anyway. But what

The one thing I always have on me (Don’t tell the TSA!)

In a recent interview, I was asked what the thing I carry that’s most likely to get me questioned by TSA was. As there is only one thing that has ever gotten me questioned by airport security, I easily answered the SwissTech Multitool, which I have carried

Never worry about foreign bathrooms again.

You are finally packing to go on your dream vacation. You’ve been looking forward to it for months, and are just about to get on the airplane for the adventure of a lifetime. You don’t want to have your trip wrecked by something so simple as not

Travel cheaply, just don’t smell like it

Sometimes you finally arrive at the gorgeous hotel you booked online to find out that it’s the kind of place you are afraid to touch anything. Nobody wants the kind of cooties that send you rushing to a foreign hospital in the middle of a vacation, and

The key to being prepared

Your long hike through the jungle on elephant-back has finally come to a close, and despite all of your amazing photos and stories, your body can’t wait to get off this lumbering beast. Your back is sore, your legs are tired from balancing your body for hours

The bulge you don’t want in your pants

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking around a new city and suddenly seen an amazing adventure almost out of reach. An abandoned theme park (one of my favorites), a hill with an amazing view, or even a playground in the middle of the