Just reach on in...Sometimes you finally arrive at the gorgeous hotel you booked online to find out that it’s the kind of place you are afraid to touch anything. Nobody wants the kind of cooties that send you rushing to a foreign hospital in the middle of a vacation, and you are pretty sure the free shampoo expired in 1976. Not that you would want to reach through that spiderweb to use it.

It’s not often that this kind of thing happens, but when it does, you want to be prepared with enough of your own supplies to not have to make this kind of decision. Travel shampoo bottles are expensive and low-quality. Too many have exploded in the overhead bin for me to trust them. I use GoToob, a little miracle bottle that you can fill with anything and lock it away until you stumble into a situation where you need them.

Travel Geekery has infected me for a long time, and before GoToob came out, I had a lightbulb-shaped PKOH NYC bottle that doesn’t slide into bags as well. Same reusable silicone, same perfect seal, same travel size, and it has lasted many years and refills, still proudly sitting in my backpack without ever leaking, letting me know it will last forever. GoToob has improved on this immortal design. It’s sleeker, slimmer, and incorporates a hidden suction cup in the back so you don’t even need a shelf in the shower to keep it handy. Just stick it on the wall in front of you.

Just give it a little squeeze...I use this little squeezetube constantly, from hostels to staying with friends to camping, and each time it has been a lifesaver. I carry one full of shampoo and one full of Dr. Bronner’s at all times, mostly forgotten until the moment I need them. Not smelling like a dirty hippy can make the difference between a great trip and a place you never want to go back to. Pick up a few of these and never worry about how expensive travel-size shampoo is or whether they will even have it again.

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