That leisurely stroll on an elephant through the jungle.

The key to being prepared

That leisurely stroll on an elephant through the jungle.Your long hike through the jungle on elephant-back has finally come to a close, and despite all of your amazing photos and stories, your body can’t wait to get off this lumbering beast. Your back is sore, your legs are tired from balancing your body for hours on end, and the only thing keeping you from collapsing into your bungalow is the rope they tied you on with.

The rope that got snagged and twisted by passing trees and now refuses to let go, despite their strongest efforts.

The TSA’s war on anything useful has kept you from being ready to help them once again, and you are stranded, exhausted, high on a grey mountain while people yell at each other below.

There is a tool that can help you in this situation and so many others, and it hasn’t left my pocket in 14 years.

The most useful tool I have

The Ultimate Tool - The UtilikeyThis piece of beauty is the Utilikey. All of the functionality of a Swiss Army Knife, conveniently disguised as a key hidden in with all of the others. In the hundreds of airports I’ve walked through, only one airport has ever questioned it, and then it was only because I had just gotten rid of all of my keys and it was sitting there by itself in the open. Don’t be as stupid as I was, and nobody will ever care.

This little fella has reliably been the only solution countless times.

[alert-success]Fixing electronics and tightening screws on the go

Opening impossibly sealed containers

Cutting things free from tape and ropes

Finally getting that bottle open when nobody else had an opener[/alert-success]

And that’s only a few of the ways I use my Utilikey every day. Get one. Put it on your keyring. Forget about it until nobody has the right tool for the job. Then save the day. Again.

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