The one thing I always have on me (Don’t tell the TSA!)

SwisstechIn a recent interview, I was asked what the thing I carry that’s most likely to get me questioned by TSA was. As there is only one thing that has ever gotten me questioned by airport security, I easily answered the SwissTech Multitool, which I have carried with me for 12 years now on hundreds of flights.

Yes, I know that they aren’t technically allowed on flights. I also know that this tool is far less scary than the standard-issue metal fork they give you when you sit down on an airplane. It is, however, useful in a lot more situations. With a bottle opener, 2 screwdrivers, and a tiny serrated knife, it has helped out in far more situations than it has any right to.

[alert-note]Cheap sunglasses falling apart? Electronics starting to loosen? Fix them up with the microscrewdriver.[/alert-note]

[alert-note]Bought some snacks, but they came in a package forged by Superman himself that is impenetrable by even your teeth? That little serrated blade will make short work of it.[/alert-note]

[alert-note]Someone found some delicious-looking beverages in a small country that still uses old-school bottle caps, but nobody carries a bottle-opener? BOOM. This little guy just saved the night.[/alert-note]

The best part is that it folds up into the shape of a small key that hangs on your keyring, blending in perfectly with all of the others. The only time I’ve ever been questioned about it was at the Shanghai Airport when I had foolishly gotten rid of all of my keys (when you live on the road, there isn’t much need for them), and tossed it into the bin by itself, where it was immediately spotted. They took it, and they are inexpensive enough that I just ordered a new one the next day.

Mine gets used at least once a week, and aside from the Shanghai incident (always phrase things so your life sounds like an action movie), it hasn’t left my pocket in over a decade. It’s inexpensive, durable, consistently useful, and has saved the day countless times. It meets every requirement to be an indispensable travel necessity, and I highly recommend getting one for yourself.

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One response to “The one thing I always have on me (Don’t tell the TSA!)”

  1. Eddy Avatar

    Can’t wait till I get one of these.

    I keep finding places I need a knife, but had to stop carrying one.

    This is gonna be mucho useful.

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