Watch for people reading your free internet over your shoulder!One of the most popular articles on CEO lately has been How to get free high speed internet anywhere in the world. One tiny little device that gets you free internet anywhere in the world that has cel phone signal? This trick has helped me out of more situations than I would like to admit, and if you want to know all of the gritty details, check out my thorough review.

Unfortunately, Amazon apparently doesn’t like having this loophole for free internet open, and over the years I have been using it, they have been trying to close it down. They closed it in every version of the device that has come out since. There have also been rumors of them limiting the total bandwidth, but I haven’t run into this problem yet. However, they have continued selling this bad boy over the years, which means I’ve never had to worry.

Until now.

Amazon has unceremoniously yanked the Kindle with Keyboard from production. Not a single word, just a sudden lack of new ones being available. I find myself worried about my sturdy sidekick and my ability to replace it if something happened, and as I watch the used supply dwindle, I am debating buying a pre-emptive replacement now.

This guy has been a true lifesaver in countless situations, and I’m not sure when the next deal this amazing will come along. If you can, I would recommend grabbing one up now, before any method of getting free internet in an emergency is gone forever.

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