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How to save huge amounts of time and frustration while traveling

Inka Nite Ize PenHopping from place to place around the world means constantly being caught in situations unprepared. You will forget whether it’s bad manners to clean your plate or to leave some food behind. Flights will be delayed, and horrible weather will sweep all of your plans away. One bit of preparation that will make a lot of situations go smoothly, however, is having a pen handy all the time.

Pens are a curse of modern life. You need them all the time, especially for the sudden lengthy paperwork that comes with traveling to new countries. They do everything they can to time the unwelcome surprise for those moments you are the most exhausted, and nobody ever has a pen around you. If you happened to carry a pen this time, the plastic will have broken in your pocket, staining your hands and clothes in blue ink. Now you feel like the idiot in an infomercial who can’t figure out how to use a simple pen. There has to be a better way!

Inka Nite Ize

Inka Nite Ize PenWhen I finally discovered the Inka Nite Ize pen, I bought it immediately, and it’s been on my keyring ever since. It’s handled unexpected visa paperwork, sharing contact information with new friends, lengthy notes when I’m suddenly struck with inspiration, and it hasn’t gone dry in years of regular use, filling up notebook after notebook. I’m beginning to wonder what kind of magic is behind this endless, indestructible pen, but I don’t want to jinx my infinite ink supply by thinking about it too hard.

The case is a combination of stainless steel and carbon fiber, making it lightweight and unbreakable. You can whip out a small pen for quick notes in a fraction of a second, or take 4 seconds to assemble it into a full-size pen for longer notes. It’s always right there on your keys, and I guarantee people will be borrowing it from you when they realize you are the only person who was prepared when airport security surprised everyone with paperwork to fill out before they can catch their next flight that leaves in 15 minutes. Macht schnell!

Inka NIte Ize PenThere have been several times I’ve seen someone else with an Inka frantically filling out the same paperwork, and every time we ended up gushing about how awesome this little tool is, and how ridiculously useful it is compared to what we thought when we bought it. It even has a little stylus inside for precision work on a touchscreen. Should you ever need it.

This little bugger is the epitome of minimalist travel usefulness. I really shouldn’t be talking anymore, because you should have it in your shopping cart already.

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One response to “How to save huge amounts of time and frustration while traveling”

  1. Eddy Avatar

    One thing you forgot to mention: speed training.

    When you get an Inka pen, you immediately start seeing how fast you can assemble and dissemble it. Like an army guy stripping a gun.

    I’m at 6 seconds to assemble and 5 dissemble xD

    Pro-Tip, Keep the black bit in your writing hand throughout assembly and dissembly 😉

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