Playing Monopoly Deal with friends

How to make friends like it’s magic

Playing Monopoly Deal with friendsThere you are, on a day-long train ride surrounded by people you don’t know. Their English is broken, so deep conversation is impossible. Faced with hours of boredom in a rocky seat, you know exactly what to do.

You reach into your coat pocket and pull out your well-worn copy of Monopoly Deal. A little worn at the edges, the box tells stories of rooftop bars in Istanbul, crowded airports with ludicrous delays, and countless new friends made over laughing and shouting as someone stole the within-grasp win from someone else.

Everyone knows Monopoly, so it feels familiar already. The properties, the cash, the rent, it’s all there. But this isn’t what your grandparents spent long hours debating under flickering light. This is fast-paced, cut-throat, and easy to pick up.

You build your empire of properties up easily, thanks to the simple explanations on every card. But your neighbor has been watching you warily, and he makes a move to steal your win out from under you. You foil his attempt by slamming down the card you had been strategically holding onto for this situation and claim victory from the jaws of defeat!

It’s just another round of Monopoly Deal. Before you know it, the next round is dealt and you are building a different empire, trying a new strategy, and laughing the whole time.

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