One up!

1up Philosophy: The key to better travel

One up!When planning travel, people tend to be predictable. “Oh, you backpacked across Europe before college, then did a trip to Thailand? Me too!” I completely understand this when you haven’t traveled before. You think the world is a big scary place and you want to take your first steps somewhere that is well-trodden and safe. After you’ve left the country once or twice, however, you’ve realized that the world is full of amazing people who want to help each other out, and you can really start digging in to the fun stuff.

Take a moment to step back and remember something you really enjoyed about the last time you traveled. That day that sticks out the most in your mind. It may not even have a story to go along with it, just an intense emotional pull that makes you want to go back.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Got it firmly in your head? Alright. Now let’s one up it. Don’t just travel for the sake of traveling. Travel to live a better life and experience better and better things.

If your favorite memory is simply sitting on the beach in Thailand, try exploring the multi-colored beaches on the volcanic cliffs of Santorini or the amazing surfing paradise of Croatia. If your fondest memory was going out and drinking with locals, go out at night in Finland or Russia to meet people who will show you the true meaning of “a night out drinking” that puts everything else in perspective. If you reminisce about talking a long hike up a mountain, try biking across Vietnam or Zorbing in New Zealand.

Now just to be clear here, don’t go crazy just for the sake of going crazy. Find something you truly enjoy, then turn up the volume on it. This philosophy will help you in many aspects of your life, but let’s focus on travel for now.

In conversations, nobody likes the one-upper. They always try to top your story with one that’s even crazier. Don’t be that guy. Being the person that constantly one-ups themselves, however? That’s just called “ambitious”, and is respected by everyone.






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